Typical school day


Me: *bench presses the teacher*

Teacher: Put me down

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i have the url thenotgreenone saved and i feel powerful bc there’s this one person with the url but with hyphens and power is everything my friends

me: wow i finally understand math
moves on to next question
me: what the hell is this


homework to do: hella

homework i’ve done: negative hella

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what’s really amazing to me is that people are so afraid of body hair on women that even in a shaving commercial they won’t show a hairy leg. they demonstrate the razor by shaving a hairless leg. they show their product being completely useless instead of showing leg hair. it’s just crazy

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People look down on McDonald’s employees but fail to realize that if all these folks left McDonald’s and pursued “better careers”  your ass wouldn’t be able to get a McDouble with an Oreo McFlurry at 3am. 

You can’t demand a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for you. 

You can’t demand a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for you. 

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Pam & Rebecca

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"… I’m always a little sad, even when I’m happy."

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keep fuckin walkin you postman piece of shit

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all four

all of the Panic! at the Disco albums in order

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"I urge you to please notice when you are happy."

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Now remember people, National Coming Out Day is on its way. If you “come out” on facebook as straight and/or cis, an ally, a brony, a fucking whovian, or anything other than a marginalized sexual orientation and/or gender identity, I will ram my boot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting Vans for weeks.

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I have a friend who is dyslexic and one time he said “I put the sexy into dyslexia” and he waited for like thirty seconds and just went “fuck.”

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alright *smashes a keyboard on my head* whos ready for some blogging

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    no one mourns the wicked
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